About Us


     We chose the symbol of The Obstinate Daughter to celebrate the spirit, sass and determination of Miss Carolina Sullivan.  Sullivan’s Island, with its rich history, is the perfect backdrop for our Lowcountry “Food Fort.” The Obstinate Daughter is a Southern restaurant that is influenced by French, Italian and Spanish cuisine with a wood fired oven, plancha and island kitchen range.  Pizza, pasta, small plates and a raw bar are the focus of the menu.  Changing seasonally, the menu also is rooted by the burgeoning farms and fishermen in the Lowcountry who all supply us with the superior products that make our region so special.

     The Obstinate Daughter is proud to be a part of the progressive food movement of Charleston and the cultural renaissance that we are experiencing.  We are excited to a Green Restaurant Certification. Promoting sustainable practices is a cornerstone of our business ideology.

     Though The Obstinate Daughter strives to provide the highest level of quality food and service, it is our relationships with our guests and suppliers that truly distinguish our restaurant.